Your kink is wrong

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Your Kink is Wrong is a subjective statement used to pass judgement on others and what they enjoy fetishizing, doing or fantasizing about. Often times on the internet the term will be used to summarize a lengthy argument that points to such a conclusion such as by responding to an online forum post with...

So basically what you are saying is 'your kink is wrong'.

Criticisms[edit | edit source]

Many feel that passing judgement on another kink is poor form as every kink has someone opposed to it, and someone that enjoys it. Others criticize that stance saying that there is a moral obligation to demonize some forms of kink.

Best Practices[edit | edit source]

Avoid demonizing the fetishes of others. You are not required to participate in their kinks, nor endorse them in their kink, but it is generally considered poor form to demonize kinks that are consensually negotiated between adults of sound mind.