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The Admin...

  • may be all powerful in concerns to the BDSMwiki, but he is not all knowing. Instead he seeks to be in a constant state of learning.
  • will make mistakes and work to correct them when they are brought to his attention.
  • does not subscribe to one true way but does have opinions of his own on many topics, yet also works to eliminate bias and opinion in the wiki writings.
  • demands that those that would be part of the wiki team treat each other with basic respect.
  • pays out of pocket as well as donates over 100 hours a month to keep this site up for the community benefit, please consider making a donation.

In the context of the BDSMwiki the Admin greatly values:

  • Learning and education
  • Freedom and integrity of information
  • Inclusive and positive attitudes
  • A variety of perspectives
  • Concise language
  • Making Best Practices information available to minimize risk for others.
  • Respecting the right to privacy of others.

The Admin is also a person and you may connect with them here.

Why did you start the BDSM wiki?

The first reason I started the project was that the Breathe Leather Family needed a database of information that newcomers could absorb to help them study to earn their leather... Second around that same few days I saw that Sir Stephen of the MsDC said something on Fet... "Another person falls victim to our culture's refusal to define anything" in reference to someone getting hurt because they had inadequate information and no one would give them any good or practical advice or information.

I'd had many similar difficult experiences when I was new, not with getting hurt, but with being frustrated by people not being helpful and it really upset me to see that people would have to go through this and wade through endless pages of the internet, searching for months and years for find answers of any kind, let alone that were of value... I resolved to find a wiki that I could send a link to people in that kind of situation... at first I couldn't find any... after about a week of digging through Google I found four... all of which were what I considered inadequate for a more global approach to BDSM.

That's when I resolved to make the I registered the name that same day, installed the software and hit the ground running. I knew the wiki would be used to help educate BDSM explorers of various types, but what I hadn't counted on was some of the other great ways it can and has since been used.

In many cases people that are apprehensive about BDSM have found information that has helped them grow to accept those that are different from them. In some cases the wiki has even been used as a tool to help individuals in hiding finally have the ability to come out to their families and be ready for the kinds of questions they will have with documented scientific data to back them up that they aren't sick or crazy.

To me that's how social change is most likely to happen with BDSM, by educating others and sharing who we are. Much like in the 70s and 80s, when people start finding out they all had gay relatives and friends, social acceptance started to shift dramatically. It is my hope that this wiki can be used as one of many tools to help bring about some social change and maybe even one day grant practitioners of BDSM some level of rights.