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If you are considering therapy or considering avoiding therapy due to involvement with BDSM, please consider reviewing Unequal by Design and sharing it with your Mental Health Professional.

Review by the Editor in Chief[edit | edit source]

Unequal by Design offers clear language, technical tools and practical education/advice to mental health professionals and is a must read for those that might consider providing therapy to those involved in power dynamic relationships and other BDSM practices.

Like other offerings by acclaimed author and subject matter expert Raven Kaldera, the book is well organized, holds an inclusive tone, and even in weightier and more profound sections still reads smoothly and is an accessible, one-handed page turner due to the artful simplicity used to convey complex ideas.

Additionally, medical expertise is offered by co-author Sabrina Popp, M.D. and several other mental health professionals to provide a clear separation between various BDSM behaviors and pathological disorders that make this offering a unique and bold step forward in the field of mental health regarding a traditionally poorly understood branch of consensual lifestyle choices.

Most importantly, the tools provided offer mental health professionals the ability to bypass what they might presume to be surface issues expressed through BDSM outlets and actually get to the core emotional framework of a given situation.

Unequal by design also shows us a crucial lesson that that power dynamics themselves are not at all unfamiliar territory by providing many healthy examples in daily life for others to relate to and thus provide mental health professionals a genuine opportunity for insight to help create lasting change and self-actualization in a patient or client that consensually and responsibly chooses these types of relationships, activities, and lifestyles.

~Klok Kaos, Editor in Chief: BDSMwiki.info, Lifestyle Poly M/s House Master, KAP

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