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BDSM Relationships often take the form of play and/or long term relationships and may be casual or not. These relationships may or may not involve physical or emotional intimacy.

Power Exchange[edit | edit source]

Relationship styles in BDSM are frequently broken up into non-binary relationships and power exchange relationships.

While it is acceptable to assume that in any given interaction there is some form of power exchange, the non-binary relationships do not necessarily require a conscious transfer of power or authority in order to exist (even though they may/might possess conscious exchange of power), while the power exchange relationships tend to function with this is a key part of the roles of the relationship in some capacity. In many cases relationships may follow one, none, or many of the listed templates.

Future Articles[edit | edit source]

No Implied Power Exchange Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Brother/sister
  • Dating
  • Engaged
  • In an open relationship
  • It's complicated
  • LDR
  • Lovers
  • Married
  • Mentor/mentee
  • Monogamous
  • Play Partners
  • Polyamorous
  • Single
  • Swinger
  • Top/bottom
  • Triad
  • Unowned
  • Unpartnered
  • Vanilla
  • Widow

Power Exchange Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Deity/priest(ess)
  • God(dess)/worshiper
  • Handler/pet
  • In service to
  • Owner/Property
  • Pack
  • Total Power Exchange
  • Trainer/pony
  • Family
  • Maker/doll
  • Master/kajira
  • Owner/toy
  • Power exchange
  • Role Playing
  • Sadist/Masochist
  • Sensual Domination
  • Switches with
  • Trainer/trainee
  • Under Consideration
  • Under Protection
  • Taken in Hand
  • 1950's Standard Relationship


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